Sifu Lamar M. Davis II

Sifu Lamar M. Davis II is the Executive Director/Head Instructor of the Hardcore Jeet Kune Do Chinese Gung Fu Association. He is the founder of the Hardcore Jeet Kune Do approach to training in Bruce Lee's art and science of Jeet Kune Do. Sifu Davis has been training in the martial arts since 1967, and has done nothing but Wing Chun Gung Fu, Jun Fan Gung Fu and Jeet Kune Do since 1979.

After many years of training and research in the methods of the late Bruce Lee, Sifu Davis decided that in order to emphasize the totality of what he teaches, he would found his own approach, which is now known as Hardcore Jeet Kune Do. Hardcore Jeet Kune Do is a REAL WORLD self defense art. There is no sport or competition aspect to it whatsoever!

Bruce Lee's art went through several distinct phases of development, based on his personal training and the various transitions that he went through during his martial arts evolution. First there was five years of training in Wing Chun Gung Fu in Hong Kong. Then came the Seattle period, where Bruce Lee taught what was referred to as Jun Fan Gung Fu. Then came the Oakland period, where Jeet Kune Do was born. Finally, the Los Angeles Chinatown kwoon, located at 628 College Street, was the last actual school that Bruce Lee had in operation.

The Hardcore Jeet Kune Do curriculum involves all phases of Bruce Lee's development. We have the strong Wing Chun Gung Fu base, as well as the curriculums from Seattle, Oakland and L. A. Chinatown. Sifu Davis feels that it is important to understand the entire evolution process of Jeet Kune Do, not just the material from one period or another. This TOTAL approach is what Sifu Davis is all about!

If you are looking for the most complete Jeet Kune Do curriculum available, and want to learn the entire system, then Sifu Lamar M. Davis II is definitely the Instructor for you! Contact Sifu Davis today to find out all about what you need to do to get started right away. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you SOON!