Technique of the Month

Dealing With Multiple Opponents

In this month’s photo sequence, Sifu Lamar M. Davis II deals with multiple assailants. The sequence shown takes place in a matter of seconds, and illustrates the importance of being able to flow smoothly and swiftly from one attack right into the next, without missing a beat of timing, using whatever tools best fit the moment!

Sifu Lamar M. Davis II is accosted by several attackers. He starts by executing a thrusting straight kick to the midsection and a spear tip finger jab to the throat of the first attacker. Seeing that the second attacker is almost on him, he executes a swift back kick to his sternum, dropping him immediately. He then executes a stamp kick to the sternum of the third attacker, dropping him. By then the fourth attacker is right on him. He executes a thrusting straight kick to the attacker’s midsection, then follows up immediately with an inside crescent kick to the attacker’s face, dropping him. Seeing the closest available target, he executes a side kick to the attacker’s shoulder. The determine attacker then attempts to kick from the ground. Sifu Davis first parries the kick, then finishes him with a cross to the face.

Technique from January 2012 is archived here