Organization Membership

Fees - Initial Membership (First Year)

Instructor/Instructor Trainee Membership (Includes Manual)
Continental North America - $150.00
All Foreign Countries - $200.00

Renewal Fees – Renewable Yearly In Month First Joined

Instructor/Instructor Trainee Renewal
Continental North America - $100.00
All Foreign Countries - $150.00

To join as an Instructor/Instructor Trainee, please send a U. S. Postal money order for $150.00, or International money order (foreign countries) for $200.00, made payable to Lamar Davis only! Postal Money Orders ONLY (must be purchased at a Post Office). No personal checks are accepted! The price of Instructor/Instructor Trainee Membership includes the HJKDCGFA Manual. After joining, yearly renewals are $50.00 less that the original first payment.

No paperwork bearing our official emblem or information on membership is released without first receiving payment! We must know without a doubt that you are serious about becoming a member! Be sure to include your name, full street address and a daytime and evening phone number where you can be contacted, preferably typed or printed clearly on a plain sheet of paper. Also, if you have an e-mail address and/or cellular phone number, please include those. If there is any problem or if we have any questions, you will be contacted immediately! If for any reason your membership is refused, you will receive a full refund of your money! Please send your money order, made payable to Lamar Davis, and contact information to:

Sifu Lamar M. Davis II
205 2nd Avenue East
Oneonta, Alabama 35121
U. S. A.

An easier way to join for those who are online is through Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account, this is definitely something that you should consider! Payment can quickly and securely be made using a credit card or directly from your checking account. To open your Paypal account, go to https://www.Paypal.com and open an account. Opening an account is fast, easy and free! Make all payments directly to my Paypal account, which is HJKDmag@gmail.com . Your email receipt will say that you made a payment to Nancy Hunter. That is OK, as she is my wife, and the account is in her name, but it is my account for organization membership. Please make a note of what you are paying me for in the area provided. This is the fastest way to join up, and also the quickest way to order HJKDCGFA merchandise.