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DragonBlast Jeet Kune Do Equipment
DragonBlast is the unique line of specialized training equipment designed and built by Sifu Lamar M. Davis II. Back in 1978, Sifu Davis built the very first spring loaded hardwood arm. Many years later, he found out that Bruce Lee had a similar device that was custom built for him. Sifu Davis built several spring loaded arms and sold them to a fortunate few. Those spring loaded arms are still in use today! Many years passed without Sifu Davis making any more arms, then around 2007 he decided to start making spring arms again. The first spring arms that he came out with were different than the original arms. Sifu Davis went through several designs before he arrived at something that he was satisfied with. At that time he started selling the spring arms again! Since then, the arms have been further developed, and in 2012 Sifu Davis arrived at the current design, which is the final version, and an improvement over anything previously released! Sifu Davis then designed several wall mounts for the spring arms, coming up with several different designs and configurations to serve various needs of the practitioner. Sifu Davis had also been experimenting with mook jong designs, with the main focus being on coming up with a design that would be effective, yet more reasonably priced for the practitioner. As a result, in 2012 a new mook jong design surfaced, with PVC trunk, hardwood arms and a wooden leg. The unique arm design featured steel reinforcement at the base of the arm inserts. Then the multi mook was born, with both hardwood arms and interchangeable spring loaded hardwood arms! The DragonBlast line is now fully developed, and ready for YOU! GO FOR IT!!!

Spring Arm


Dragon Blast Multi Mount

DragonBlast Bil Jee Mount

DragonBlast Chi Sao Trainer

DragonBlast Heavy Duty Mount

DragonBlast PROLine Multi-Mook Jong with Regular Hardwood Arms

Spring Arm Mook Jong

Basic Mook Jong

Half Mook 1

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Arm Color

Half Mook 2

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Half Mook 3

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Half Mook 4

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HD Mount 3 Arms