Rules & Regulations

1. Dues are to be paid in advance, by the last class date of each month for the next month. Dues are to be paid IN CASH NO CHECKS! A late fee of $10.00 is automatically added if you are late paying your dues. PAY ON TIME!!!

2. All members are to acquire necessary personal training equipment within six weeks of joining the school (headgear, shin guards, 16 oz. boxing gloves). This is to be purchased directly from Sifu Davis, as we have specific brands that we use, and price is below retail for members. You can do without these items if absolutely necessary, but you will not be able to participate in certain drills!

3. All members will be expected to acquire necessary training clothes within first six weeks of joining the Academy. This consists of gung fu pants and class t-shirt. No shorts or tank tops allowed PERIOD! Until you have proper training clothes, you may wear sweatpants or warm up pants and a t-shirt or sweatshirt.

4. Shoes with NON-MARKING SOLES are to be worn at all times during training. Name brand (Onitsuka, Asics, Avia, Nike, New Balance, Saucony, Puma, Mizuno, Sketchers etc.) quality athletic shoes are recommended, as your feet are important, and cheap shoes can lead to serious foot problems! Running/Cross Trainers are best! No work boots, dress shoes or hard sole shoes of any kind allowed on the floor!

5. No foul language, unnecessary talking or disruptive behavior is allowed during class. This is highly inappropriate, and can result in students being injured due to not paying attention. Also, we try to provide a Christian, family type environment for members no crude or offensive behavior of any kind whatsoever will be allowed!

6. No chewing gum or eating is allowed in the school PERIOD! Chewing gum in class can lead to jaw injury or choking. Food crumbs draw rodents and other unwanted small creatures! Bottled water will be available to purchase for 50 cents per bottle! It is preferred that you support the school and purchase your water there, as opposed to bringing drinks from other sources!

7. Do your part at all times to help keep the kwoon organized. If you pick something up, put it back where you got it, exactly as it was when you picked it up. Make an effort to keep everything clean! With everyone working together, we can have a cleaner, more enjoyable training experience!

8. Shelf units are provided for students to put their stuff on. They are to be used! No just walking in and putting your stuff down wherever you like! Keep stuff off the floor please. All training space is just for that TRAINING!

9. Ask permission before using ANY piece of equipment, and remove any and all jewelry before touching a mook jong, springarm, striking equipment or training with a live partner. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES touch Sifu's personal mook jong! If in doubt as to which mook jong this is ASK!

10. Please emphasize personal hygiene! Show up for class clean and neatly dressed. Please use deodorant! No stinkers!

11. Please remember that this is a private club, and it is a privilege to be allowed membership. Membership is restricted to those old enough, coordinated enough and responsible enough to learn Hardcore Jeet Kune Do. Be cautious when explaining to others about what we do here, and be sure than anyone you invite to view a class has the characteristics of a good potential Jeet Kune Do student. In order to be a member, someone must first meet with Sifu Davis for an interview. They must be approved for membership and actually join the kwoon before participating in a class!

12. Be respectful of any Instructor (Senior, Full or Apprentice) that is on the floor teaching. When an Instructor is speaking, theirs should be the only voice heard in the room! No talking, whispering or otherwise communicating with other students while an Instructor is speaking or demonstrating PERIOD! Not paying attention is one of the main reasons that people get hurt during martial arts training! We strive to provide a safe and highly educational training environment for all members. Please do your part to help keep it this way!

NOTICE: These rules are here for your safety, and are firmly enforced. Violation of any of these rules could result in immediate termination of your membership. Please be aware of this at all times!