Apply for Membership

Before going any further with the Application process, please be aware that we teach Authentic Jun Fan Gung Fu and Jeet Kune Do, just as developed, practiced and taught by the late Lee Jun Fan (Bruce Lee). We do not teach any sport application whatsoever, but instead, REAL WORLD pure self defense application of our art, just as it was intended to be used by the founder of the art, Sijo Bruce Lee. We do not teach the “concepts” approach to this art, where other arts are added and mixed in with the curriculum. This is not MMA (mixed martial arts), nor does it have anything whatsoever to do with MMA or sport related activities. Everything that we do comes from the original curriculums of Bruce Lee’s three main schools in the United States (Seattle, WA, Oakland, CA and Los Angeles, CA). If you are looking for a sport martial art, or want to roll around on mats and get colored belts, etc., then you need to go somewhere else! We take what we do very seriously, and there are no exceptions!

We operate exclusively as a Private Club. We are not a “business”. We are not a cult and we do not discriminate against race. Anyone male or female, of any race may become a member. While we do not believe in the mixing of religion with martial arts, we are a Christian based group and promote a family atmosphere in our classes. Due to the serious nature of our art, we do not teach children, and you must be at least sixteen years of age to become a member (unless there are special circumstances). Members are selected by using a strict application process. Our main concern is the reason that you want to learn Jeet Kune Do, and whether you are the kind of person that will fit in with our group. We reserve the right to refuse anyone membership for any reason, without explanation.

To Get Started: Send an email to Sifu@HardcoreJKD.com or SciFight@icloud.com with “I Would Like To Apply For Membership” as the subject line of your email. In the body of that email, tell a bit about yourself and why you want to learn Jeet Kune Do. You will be emailing Sifu Lamar M. Davis II directly, so please be aware of this. Sifu Davis travels extensively teaching this art, and is unavailable from time to time due to travel, so please wait patiently for a reply. Sifu Davis will personally respond to your email as soon as humanly possible.

The first stage of your application process is answering a series of questions that will be emailed to you. You will answer the questions honestly and thoroughly, then email the answers back. Your answers will be reviewed, then you will receive an email letting you know whether you passed or failed stage one. If you failed, there will be no further contact.

If you pass the first stage of our application process, the second stage is a personal meeting with Sifu Lamar M. Davis II. Sifu Davis will discuss your training possibilities, as well as make a personal assessment of your personality and physicality. He will also introduce you to our Rules of Membership. If you agree to the rules, you may or may not have go to the third stage (Sifu Davis has the power to approve you for membership immediately after stage two if he feels you will fit in well with the group).

The third stage is a meeting of the membership board to vote on your inclusion into the group. In this meeting, the answers to your questions and Sifu Davis’ initial impression of you from his meeting with you will be discussed. The membership board will vote (if necessary) and you will receive an email about the results of the meeting. This may sound like a lot to go through to become a member, but we are the real thing, and we take this seriously, as should anyone who wishes to be included into our unique and exclusive training group!

The location of our Training Academy will be given to you once you have been approved for membership. Once a member, you will be expected to uphold and obey all rules and regulations, and pay your monthly dues on time, whether you attend every class or not! It is a membership into this exclusive training group that you are paying for, not a come and go as you please, pay when you want to kind of thing. We take membership seriously, and so should you! Good luck with your application, and we hope to have you training with us soon!